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Najali Homecare Plus offers personalized home healthcare services. Therefore, some of the answers may vary depending on the situation at hand. 

  • Due to the personalized care we offer, there is no set amount of time homecare can last. The time varies mainly due to the unique needs of the individual. Some home healthcare services providers may have a minimum hourly commitment to start care while others may require you to sign a contract for a certain set period. Therefore, it is important to ask the provider you consider for clarification.
  • Najali Homecare Plus provides its services wherever you call home- be it a private residence, an assisted living facility, health facility or even while staying with a friend or a family caregiver.
  • Our Certified Professional Caregivers (CPCs) will be the ones to provide the day-to-day care. However, depending on the specific needs of our clients and as per patient assessment, the caregivers may vary in professionals including but not limited to licensed nurses, or Therapists (physical or occupational) coming to your home. A Registered Nurse (RN) who also serves as an assessor may pop-in regularly to ensure our caregivers are meeting our standards and following our policy and procedures.
  • Home healthcare ensures an individual lives as independently as possible without giving up the comforts of their own home. It allows people to be in a familiar environment, sleep peacefully in their own beds at night, and keep close to their loved ones i.e. family, friends, and pets. This ensures they have a peace of mind knowing they have the access to skilled, consistent, reliable care when needed regardless of the changing needs.
  • Moreover, homecare is significantly less expensive, more convenient, and effective compared to the other alternatives of care.

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