Najali Homecare Plus offers an inclusive holistic care skills training to all our caregivers before on boarding them to our database. Every employee MUST undergo this training to ensure uniformity and effectiveness in our home healthcare services. This on-boarding training ensures that our staff are in-touch with the company’s policies and procedures, vision, mission and objectives.

We conduct regular training sessions for our staff to ensure we keep them up to date with the current standards of caregiving while providing an outlet for our caregivers to share their experiences with the rest of the team and to give them supportive supervision.

Some of the trainings we conduct include;-

  1. First Aid Skills Training for child minders or organized groups
  2. Saline Process Witness Training for healthcare workers
  3. Basic Counseling Skills
  4. Conflict Resolution and Communication Skills
  5. Mental Health Awareness Training
  6. Drugs and Substance Use prevention and treatment

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