Pallative Care

Najali Homecare Plus offers personalized homecare services to individuals living with  chronic illness such as cancer, hypertension/stroke, diabetes, kidney failure, celebral palsy, elderly complications, arthritis and spinal complications among others. The main aim for this form of care is to provide the individuals with a relief from the stresses and symptoms of the illness. This care is designed to improve the quality of life for both the patient and their family. Through our holistic caregiving, we ensure the physical, psychological, and spiritual wellbeing of our clients is maintained.

Our palliative care includes:

  1. Elderly Care
  2. Follow-up services i.e. medication/therapy reminders
  3. Personal Care i.e. hygiene, light housekeeping, bathing & dressing assistance etc.
  4. Companionship services i.e. hospital appointments, errands, socialization etc.

Convalescent Care

Najali Homecare Plus provides care for people who need temporary support services while they are recovering from any kind of injury, illness, lactation mother’s, surgery,and/or other conditions e.g. heart attack or stroke. In such a situation, the person may be limited in performing daily tasks they would normally do on their own therefore, requiring assistance until they are well enough to resume the tasks without risking, re-injury or pain.

Our convalescent care includes:

  1. Nursing Care (Total or Partial)
  2. Wound and Stoma Care
  3. Medication management
  4. Nutrition and/or Feeding program
  5. Therapy (Physio and Occupational)
  6. Lactation Mother Care (LMC)
  7. Counselling

Mental Health & Mediation Services

Najali Homecare Plus offers Mental Health and Mediation services to its patients as part of caregiving. Our team of staff have diverse professional skills eg medical health and psychological counseling, alternative dispute resolution-mediation, substance use prevention and treatment among other life and social skills. Our caregivers are also trained on basic counselling skills during induction and on-boarding training. These skills help them detect any mental health issues with our clients and are able to deal and refer accordingly as per our processes, standards and policy.

Our Mental Health & Mediation Services includes:

  1. Professional Counselling
  2. Conflict Resolution
  3. Rehabilitation
  4. Companionship
  5. Social Activities
  6. Spiritual Guidance

Consultancy Services

As part of our strategy at Najali Homecare Plus, we ensure that we offer our clients a one-stop shop for all our home healthcare services. We ensure that we put our foot forward to ensure we meet and exceed our client’s expectations and needs.

Our Consultancy Services includes:

  1. Home Living Adjustments
  2. Home/Personal care medical kits (buy/rent)
  3. Medical equipment and devices (buy/rent)
  4. Training and Capacity Building for different cohorts in the community i.e.;-
    • First Aid Skills Training for child minders or organized groups
    • Saline Process Witness Training for healthcare workers
    • Basic Counseling Skills
    • Conflict Resolution and Communication Skills
    • Mental Health Awareness Training
    • Drugs and Substance Use prevention and treatment

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